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Monday Morning Memo-07-06-15
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July 6, 2015
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They Don't Know Anything About Us!

In our many years of meeting and talking with elected officials in

Trenton it is amazing how many of them still don't understand what the staffing industry does!  Or they only know what has been told to them by the many enemies of staffing (and they do exist!) like the AFL-CIO and other public interest groups. 


We must open the minds in Trenton to the true value and benefits offered by NJ's staffing industry to its citizens, its businesses and yes, even its governments. 


To learn about us means we have to talk to them!   Election time is the most important time to connect with candidates and elected officials because this is the time they need our support!  Support can be offered at two levels:


Level 1. 

       They need your vote, so if you are a constituent, contact the candidates for your district and let them know they need to understand what your staffing business does and its value... and that you want their support of your industry if they are elected.


Level 2.       

But they also need financial resources to pay for their campaigns for election...that is the reality of the situation!   
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They Don't Know Anything About Us!
Five for Five Campaign
NJ Senate Did Not Vote on Paid Sick Leave Webinar- How to Manage Your NJSA Profile
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NJSA's Legal/Legislative Committee has been able to gain access to an increasing number of elected officials over the past two election cycles with the critical support of Staffing NJ PAC.  Making an investment in a candidate's future creates the forum for that candidate to care about the staffing industry's future as well.  


Over the past month you've received numerous Alerts from the Legal/Legislative Committee to "Act Now!" so we can have a law passed that will postpone the scheduled increase in NJ's unemployment tax rates. 


Empower the Legal/Legislative Committee to reach out to more candidates for elected office in 2013's election so more of Trenton in 2014-2017 term will know about us!  Only with your support can we truly protect and support you, your firm and the staffing industry from what others would want to do to you!


So #1. Call your district's candidates and introduce yourself and your business to them and #2. Contribute to the "Five for Five Campaign" NOW and give the Legal/Legislative Committee the access to as many candidates as possible!


 Click here for a Staffing NJPAC donation form.


Update From NJSA's Legal and Legislative Committee
NJ Senate Did Not Vote on Paid Sick Leave


We want to thank each of you for your efforts supporting the fight against passage of the statewide Paid Sick Leave bill (S-785).  With all the emails and letters that were sent, the Senate did not bring the bill up for a vote as June ended.

However, the fight isn't over yet.  While the bill was not voted on this past Monday, there is still a chance that it will see a vote again before 2015 ends.  As of right now the NJ Legislature is in summer recess.  As we continue to monitor this and other bills, we will alert you the moment this bill, or any other harmful legislation, should pop up.


Progress has only been possible due to all of your efforts. Everyone has worked very hard to educate our legislators regarding our concerns and issues with this proposed legislation.  


NJSA asks its members to continue to voice your opinions.  Get to know your legislators this summer.  Legislators need to hear from their local firms on just how expensive and harmful this and other anti-economic growth legislation would be.



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Date: Wed, July 22nd

Time: 12pm EST

Hosted by Scott Schnierer and Pat Koziol of NJSA


The new (powered by - a full service CRM) has been live for only a few months.  Attend this Members Only Webinar and maximize your membership by learning how to log in & manage your online profile in order to take full advantage of all the website tools that will grow your business.


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d) Learn how to navigate the membership directory


NJSA Members will shortly receive an email on how to log in to their member profile.  Upon email receipt, take some time to navigate the website in preparation of this upcoming webinar.


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