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Staffing News September 2015
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New Jersey Staffing Alliance    

September 2015

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Legislative Alert: Workman's Comp Expense Ready to Increase Again! Act Now!

In late September, the NJ Senate joined the NJ Assembly in passing S929 which will add almost $60 million to the cost of Workers Compensation Insurance for New Jersey's private employers - including all staffing firms! And the cost will automatically increase each year due to "cost of living" adjustments.NJSA has sent a letter to Governor Christie supporting his veto of this bill.

Please click here for a copy of this letter.
PLEASE ACT NOW!  We need every staffing firm owner and manager to send an email to Governor Christie ( or mail a letter to him, letting him know you want him to veto this unfair legislation. He needs to know the business community will support him in this decision.
Please send a copy of your email/letter to the Governor to or mail a copy to NJSA's office. Every email and letter will help!

NJSA's Legal and Legislative Committee will provide updates on this issue as new information is available.

Bolstering Your Bottom Line By Retaining More Clients

Acquiring new clients can cost as much as five times as retaining your existing ones. That's why it's critical to keep your current staffing customers happy. Consider these tips to keep your customers from straying to other providers. Learn more...

Challenges Facing Smaller Staffing Firms Regarding Worker Comp
Smaller staffing companies (50 to 100 or so employees) may have a challenging time securing workers compensation insurance in the voluntary market. It is important for staffing companies to know what some of the obstacles may be in order to proactively address these issues (where possible) when applying for coverage. There is no guarantee that smaller staffing companies will be able to secure coverage with standard markets and may have to look to assigned risk pools, but knowing the obstacles and working with a broker/agent and insurer that understand the risks will maximize the probability of a fairly priced policy with a strong insurer. Read more...
4 Questions to Ask Before Picking An ATS

An ATS can help staffing firms focus on generating revenue and growing the business, by automating the administrative tasks that can consume valuable resources. But the wrong ATS is worse than none at all. As a staffing firm, what questions must you ask yourself to ensure you make the right choice? Learn more...

The National Labor Relations Board Broadens Joint-Employer Status

Just last month on August 27, 2015, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB or Board) issued its long-awaited decision in Browning-Ferris Industries of California, Inc., 362 NLRB No. 186 addressing the Board's decades-old legal standard for purposes of determining "joint employer" status under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA or Act). The NLRA primarily applies to unionized workplaces for purposes of protecting employee/employer rights, encouraging collective bargaining, and regulating certain private sector labor and management practices. Read more...
What Does 'Google Crawl' Mean AND How Will Your Site's Blog Help Influence It?

For starters, it may help to define what a crawl and what spiders are. To find and organize information on the web in what is billions and billions of pages, a search engine deploys software typically referred to as a spider (or a crawler or a bot). By using spiders to crawl web pages, search engines are able to identify keywords, to consume them into their indexes, to rank them ... and (let's not forget) to create links back to the web pages where it all exists. Note: we did not mention websites so much as we did ' web pages '. Google applies rank consideration to every single web page, NOT just to a site's home page. It's important to understand because Google wants to index everything and that means you want to place emphasis on your content as a whole, making all your important keywords obvious and available! Read more...
Tricom Funding: Industry Partner Profile

Trust the experts at Tricom to help your staffing company grow. We offer resources in all operational areas of your business including:
  • Payroll analysis & processing
  • Billing integration
  • Portfolio management
  • Accounting services
  • Financial solutions
  • Compliance specialists
  • Staffing & recruiting software
  • Business performance tools
Our approach is a bit different: we consult with clients to find the best fit of resources. We craft a custom solution for each client to match the unique needs of his or her staffing company. Plus, our new client coordinator ensures the move to Tricom is as simple as possible.
Our team consists of experts in their fields, many of whom have specialized degrees and certifications. You can be fully confident that any tasks will be completed with the utmost accuracy and efficiency. This includes access to our Help Desk, staffed with professionals empowered to give you the information and resources you need, 12 hours every business day. We even conduct a full audit and review of our work each month to ensure every penny is accounted for, fixing any errors before they become headaches.
We're proud to be a valued partner to hundreds of staffing companies throughout the last 25 years. The depth of resources and services Tricom provides, along with our constant focus on helping you exceed your goals, is why Tricom is the expert solution for a strategic partnership.

We are proud to sponsor Staffing News Online for 2015. See our ad below.
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