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Staffing News May 2015
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May 2015 

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1 Star to 5: Why Your Staffing Firm's Online Reputation Matters

Increasingly, consumers rely on the internet to research companies before deciding to do business with them. Job seekers and employers are no different. Staffing firms must take control of their online reputation if they are to be successful.  Read more...
Platforms To Take You Through Every Step of Hiring

How many new staffing software solutions require you to hire an intern or two just to get it going? With some "solutions," it might be more than you think. Technology has offered the promise of efficiency, but learning different programs and working with different vendors to put together a winning team may not make you feel like you're living at the forefront of recruitment technology.  Learn more...

Is Your Recruitment Marketing Mobile Ready? 

Your mobile device is probably your go-to tool for a lot of daily activities, like researching products and services, finding local businesses or buying things online.

What does this mean for your staffing firm? Everything! Internet sites that are not designed for mobile access websites stand to lose significant numbers of potential candidates each month. Now that Google's mobile algorithm update took effect April 21st, mobile compatibility for staffing and recruitment firm websites is more crucial than ever. Read more...

So What Does Your Website Look Like To Its Visitors On Any Device?

Virtually everyone has been hearing about it and their declaration that "it's either mobile-friendly or die a slow death online." But do you even know how your website looks on all those new devices people use to visit it yet? 

If not this video will help you see it on iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxies and all the popular devices people use to visit a mobile web: 

Regardless of what search engines say, and even if you do not depend on search engine traffic, you built a website to be visible as a marketer, useful to visitors and buyers. Here's the 1st step in visualizing how they see it right now from their phones, tablets and mobile browsers. 


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