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Staffing News June 2015
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June 2015 

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NYC Bans Criminal Record Inquiry Prior to Job Offer

The New York City Council passed a new law prohibiting public- and private-sector employers from inquiring about a job applicant's criminal record history before making a conditional offer of employment. Mayor Bill De Blasio is expected to sign the new law, passed by the council on June 10, 2015, and known as the Fair Chance Act. The law would take effect 120 days from the mayor's approval. Read more...

How Do Websites Get Hacked? Why and How It Can Be Avoided


Heard the rumor? Someone you know had their website hacked!? And now all Internet browsers (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) are telling prospective visitors to stay away with giant red warning messages! Hypothetical (maybe), but if it happens to you say goodbye to traffic, leads and sales ... not to mention the trust you have worked so hard to gain. That is, at least, until the website can be cleaned up & secured. Learn more...


Supreme Court's Ruling Means No ACA Compliance Reprieve 

In what many are viewing as an anticlimax, the U.S. Supreme Court's June 25 ruling in King v. Burwell left the status quo in place regarding the Affordable Care Act's (ACA's) tax-credit subsidies for individual "marketplace" coverage and, indirectly, the employer mandate to provide group health care coverage. Under the ACA, employer penalties are triggered when employees receive insurance tax credits because their employer-provided plan failed to meet ACA coverage specifications. Employers should take all necessary steps to maintain compliance with the ACA's coverage and reporting requirements-and not delay doing so in the hopes of a last-minute penalty reprieve. Read more...


Defense Mechanisms Against EPL Claims

From the moment you start the pre-hiring process until an exit interview, you're vulnerable for a lawsuit. It sounds harsh, but it's true. In 2014 alone, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) received more than 88,770 charges for discriminating or unfair employment-related practices. Because of the influx of charges, Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) has become a mainstay insurance product. Learn more...
How To Sharpen Your Competitive Edge With Video Technology

In today's tech-laden society, relying on outdated methods to find and place top talent just isn't going to cut it. Today's staffing professionals need to keep up with the times - and that means adopting the latest technologies and innovations to aid their search for top-notch candidates. Read more...
Pick Your Partners Carefully

Choosing the right partners for your staffing firm takes more than comparing services and prices of various vendors. For best results, your partners should share your values and goals - the ones that make you most successful. Often, organizations committed to serving their customers and community have the greatest chance of long-term achievement. Read more...


NJ Supreme Court Decision Could Lead to Limits on Discrimination Suits

The NJ Supreme Court agreed to review a case that allowed an employer to reduce the statutory period in which a worker can file a discrimination claim against an employer.

The state's Law against Discrimination (LAD) generally gives workers up to two years to file a discrimination-related lawsuit, but in 2014 the Superior Court of NJ's Appellate Division, in Sergio Rodriguez v. Raymours Furniture Co. Inc., ruled that a company was within its rights to limit the filing period to only six months. Read more...
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