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Monday Morning Memo-2-15-16
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February 15, 2016
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Less than 2 Months into the 2016 Legislative Session - Legislative Leaders Already Challenging NJ's Business Community and NJ's Economic Future

Although the new legislative session began just a few weeks ago in early January, both Senate and Assembly leaderships are targeting new legislation which are anti-economic growth, making New Jersey uncompetitive to new business expansion and investment.
Increasing the Statewide Minimum Wage to $15 per hour
Both the Assembly Speaker and Senate President have announced their goal of increasing NJ's minimum wage to $15 per hour, albeit with different approaches:
  • Assembly Speaker Prieto is supporting a new bill A-15 which will increase the current $8.38 per hour minimum wage to $15 as of the January 1 following the bill's passage.  The minimum wage level would then be increased each year based on the increase of the CPI.  Currently the bill is with the Assembly Labor Committee.
  • Senate President Sweeney is instead supporting a voter referendum - SCR-1500 - that would amend the constitution to increase the minimum wage to $9 per hour on January 1, 2018, with $1 per hour increases annually until $15 has been reached six years later (January 1, 2024) and then the minimum wage would be increased annually based on changes in the CPI.  Currently the bill is with the Senate Labor Committee.  As a voter referendum, Governor Christie will not be able to veto the bill.
Statewide Paid Sick Leave
When the 2015 Legislative Session ended, there were two distinctly different bills in the Senate and Assembly which would implement a statewide Paid Sick Leave requirement on all employers.  With the beginning of the 2016 Legislative Session, both houses have immediately re-filed their previous versions of statewide Paid Sick Leave and have picked up the effort again.
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  • The Senate Bill (now numbered S-799) does include a provision removing municipal authority to pass in the future their own paid sick leave programs.  Only current municipal plans would remain in force as long as they were more generous than the statewide requirements. (Watch for new municipalities considering passing their own plans as soon as possible in case the Senate version of the bill finally passes.)
  • The Assembly Bill (now numbered A-1446) does not limit future action by municipalities in passing their own paid sick leave plans.  It also has more generous provisions than the Senate bill.
While the Assembly has forwarded its bill to the Assembly Labor Committee for hearings, the Senate leadership decided that hearings were unnecessary and immediately sent its bill to the Senate floor for passage.  This version did pass the Senate in late 2015 essentially along party lines.

NJSA Legal Legislative Committee
Regarding Paid Sick Leave proposals, all of the arguments against the bill that are in NJSA's 2015 position paper are still relevant even though the bill numbers are different. If a common bill is passed by the Legislature, NJSA and the rest of the business community will shift their focus to the Governor, asking his office to veto this legislation.

Regarding the new minimum wage proposals, NJSA belongs to a Business Coalition that was formed several years ago to address statewide Paid Sick Leave. This Coalition is now considering advocating against these new $15 minimum wage proposals as well.

NJSA Legal Legislative Committee will continue to bring you information on these and other legislative issues in the future. In the meantime all staffing firm owners and managers are encouraged to reach out to your Senators and Assembly Representatives from your district and make sure they are aware of you and your firm.  In the months ahead when you need to let them know how you feel about proposed legislation, they will already know who you are!

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Greg Doersching is Creator and Owner of Bullseye Recruiting - one of the most comprehensive Recruiting Training programs in the country. He is also the President of the Griffin Search Group a National Search Firm with offices from throughout the USA. He is an active recruiter who still runs a highly productive desk.  Day to day he is in the trenches just like the rest of us. 
For over 20 years Greg has been recognized as one of the most cutting edge voices in the recruiting industry. He is an International Trainer and has presented hundreds of workshops and Keynote Addresses for the National Association of Personnel Services, American Staffing Association and the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services, Fordyce Forum and numerous Regional, State and Local groups. He is consistently rated as one of the top presenters for each conference. 
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